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Today, audiovisual appears as an effective solution to quickly reach Internet users. Video marketing is increasingly popular with many digital marketing professionals. Indeed, video is recognized as being more captivating than textual content. Discover the main advantages of this strategy, in order to get up to speed quickly.

Internet users are fond of video

Statistics show that 83% of French consumers are used to watching videos online. This figure is really important and shows how much Internet users appreciate these visuals. Further, another study carried out in 2017 reveals that 79% of these consumers say they prefer video (prefer free royalty-free music ) to learn more about a product. It is therefore a reality, this type of content is really popular with Internet users. Indeed, a video manages to quickly give information on a product or service. Visitors have no reading effort to make. In addition, companies use the art of storytelling to play on consumer emotions. Thanks to a story, visitors are easily carried away.

Video amplifies the reach of content. Indeed, it is easily shared on several communication channels. You can relay a video on your website, on YouTube, and on social networks. This visual content can also be shared during trade shows or certain events. Video is the ideal format for social media. So make sure that it is very creative and useful to the Internet user. It can quickly go viral and be relayed widely on several platforms. You can seek the support of a video marketing agency like  Film Corporate  to achieve this strategy. These communication agencies have the know-how to help you produce videos that are easy to share.

Very engaging content

Video has many strengths that make it highly engaging content that builds trust. Indeed, if the scenario is interesting, the Internet user will be more inclined to go to the end. Moreover, it lasts about 1 hour 30 minutes. It therefore does not seek attention for long. Video is also much more explanatory than textual content. It leads the user to have a clear idea about your products or services. Listeners come to better grasp information when, in addition to being written, it is seen. It also promotes transparency, because it reassures prospects.

Video marketing is a strategy that stimulates prospects and motivates them to buy your products or services. It is therefore a powerful lead generation lever. First, the video attracts quality traffic to the site by improving its visibility. For example, by adopting an explanatory video, you will be able to capture the attention of the listener. He will be well informed about your activity and will not have too much trouble buying. The explanatory video gives useful information to explain a new product. The video also makes it possible to better convince the visitor. It allows him to touch the realities of your product. It humanizes your strategy. For example, a video that presents a testimonial from a client will necessarily have an impact on prospects. It is also a way to retain your customers who will be reassured about your business.

Finally, be aware that because of its many advantages, many companies have already embarked on video marketing. Your competitors are also surely part of these entities. You must therefore also integrate it into your strategy.  However, differentiate yourself to do better than them. In this regard, several kinds of video content are possible. The interactive video interacts with the listener and invites him to several actions. Immersive video allows the listener to project themselves into your world. You can also try the explainer video or the stories.

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