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Did you know that tens of millions of French people don’t have a bank account at all? Some people feel like they don’t have enough money to justify using a bank. . Still others have developed a distrust of banks after the 2008 financial crisis. The fact remains that virtually everyone, from adolescence onwards, can benefit from the opening of a current account. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of an online checking account and the best practices that make opening an account a good idea.

4 benefits of an online bank account

So let’s discover together without further delay the main advantages of an online bank account. And if you want to open yours, go to

1. It’s a way to keep your money safe

Storing large amounts of cash in your home is a risk. Even if you have a safe place to put them, such as a safe, large stashes of cash at home attract thieves and can be destroyed by fires, floods, or other disasters. When you put your money in a bank, it’s not only stored in a safe place, it’s also insured.

2. You have more options to pay

What is a bank account, exactly? Essentially, it’s an account designed to give you easy access to your money. So while a savings account is designed as a place to keep your money for a long time, a checking account offers a way to secure your money while keeping it accessible. You can make regular deposits or withdrawals if you prefer to continue dealing primarily in cash. Otherwise, you can use your bank account to expand your payment options. Checking accounts allow you to write checks, pay with a debit card, or initiate digital transfers.

3. Paying bills is a snap

Today’s bank accounts usually come with intuitive online banking features. Among these features is a dashboard for paying bills. Use this system to pay your credit card, utility or other bills directly from your account balance. If your bill is the same every month, you can even set up your account for automatic bill payment. Either way, paying bills online is easier than paying in cash.

4. There is a paper trail

Another risk with paying bills or other cash expenses is that you run the risk that the payment may not be tracked or filed appropriately. What do you do if you pay a $300 bill in cash and the utility company neglects to credit your account? How can you prove that you made the payment? When you pay by debit card or online bill payment, everything is tracked through statements and transaction logs. You have a paper trail to prove every payment you make.

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