dirty grease trap

A dirty grease trap comes with many dangers. It causes everything from nasty odours to plumbing problems. What’s more, it’s even a fire risk, as the debris that clogs the system is highly flammable. Therefore, a clogged system isn’t only disgusting – it’s highly dangerous! As such, you don’t want to be the business with the putrid system. Word gets around in Australian hospitality. This word can be the difference between a successful restaurant and one that needs to immediately close its doors.

Don’t allow your business to be one that is putting safety and hygiene on the back burner. After all, you don’t want people saying these things about your beloved brainchild:

The owners don’t care about hygiene

The best grease trap maintenance helps ensure that your business is hygienic. Hygiene is everything in Australian hospitality. One case of food poisoning can be fatal for a restaurant (let alone the diner!). It is so much easier for a bad word to get around these days. All it takes is one irate customer to post, “I got food poisoning here – AVOID!” to kill your customer list.

Aussie diners take food hygiene very seriously. What’s more, health inspectors take food hygiene incredibly seriously, and they won’t be too thrilled to find a nasty grease trap after a call from one or multiple unwell diners. Yes, food safety has come a long way in the 21st Century, and customers don’t accept a night next to the toilet.

A filthy system can be the direct cause of such an infernal evening – don’t your business be the one that causes it – it could ruin everything!

They also don’t care about fire safety

No, we do not lie: a filthy system is highly flammable. Grease and other system debris combine to make a highly flammable substance. Interceptors can then easily pick up this substance, making a fire spread like grease trap-induced gastro. Your chefs should be well aware that if the system is clogged then they are working in a dangerous kitchen.

Therefore, it is up to you and your team to ensure the system isn’t clogged. There could be nothing more dangerous (and humiliating) for a business than a fire breaking out in the kitchen. What’s more, to know that such a fire was highly avoidable is even worse, especially when you consider the money you will lose from freaked out diners!

They don’t have any pride in their location

Because a clogged system emits such a powerful odour it’s safe to say a business that allows this isn’t a very proud location. What’s more, what kind of business owner would allow their kitchen team to work in such putrid conditions – it’s cruel and creates a terrible working atmosphere.

Any business owner with an inch of pride in their profession would never allow such a thing to happen. They would ensure that their system receives regular maintenance to ensure that their health and safety standards are upkept. Otherwise, you can trust that your team will be out the door quicker than the food they are serving.

They just don’t care

And this is the greatest insult! Any proud business owner should take great offence to anyone saying they don’t care about their business. Unfortunately, this is one way in which people might say this about your business, and it cannot be allowed!

Instead, ensure your business is one with a reputation for top quality food, service, health and safety through having its system regular cleaned – it can make all the difference.

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