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Construction disputes are common in Australia. After all, we’re a country with a proud building industry, and everywhere you turn it seems like something new is being built. And, with more building means more disagreements on just how the building should be done!

With this in  mind, here are five typical building disagreements that occur in Australia, and why you should contact a lawyer if you’re experiencing one of them:

1.Payment problems

Wasted time, massive expenses, late payment, non-payment and underpayment are five reasons why you might need the best construction dispute lawyers. Both building firms, homeowners and other parties must ensure their payments are met reasonably and on time, as any refusals or attempted alterations can find vested interests in court – something which everyone should want to avoid!

2. Quality & scope disagreements

Homeowners without much industry experience may have unreasonable expectations. They may desire materials and output above their budget and may even request free work. Conversely, builders may work less than what is expected of them or that their firm has promised in the contract.

Both situations can be detrimental to the process, and if you are on either side of this situation you should consider contacting a lawyer. They can go over the contract’s work scope and ensure that if you are on the wrong end of this situation there will be legal recourse for you.

2. Delays & work abandonment

Delays and work abandonment can be a massive detriment to both the project’s finances and progress. When third parties are unable to solve these kinds of issues, the matter can wind up in court, with the judge deciding who is in the wrong regarding the work’s completion and who should pay the costs to rectify the issue.

These issues can be easily avoided with the best legal representation in your corner. They can look into the matter and see if the building firm or contractor is not living up to what they promised in the contract. They can then help you claim damages or ensure that the work is properly finished without your financial detriment.

3. Poor work standards

The very last thing a homeowner wants is to come to their new build and find that it is deficient. You know what we mean: water leaks, plumbing issues, foundational defects, shoddy materials – the list goes on and they do happen.

Homeowners have a big leg to stand on when it comes to subpar building: they can seek compensation for any unsatisfactory work so that they can have this subpar work rectified. The best legal representation will guide you through the process of understanding the insufficient work and how you can make a compensation claim.

No homeowner should invest their life savings into a building only to find it is cheap or, worse, dangerous – contact top brass legal representation to rectify this unfortunate problem!

Differing site conditions

Current site conditions generally dictate tender bids. This is why sites should be analysed before tender. However, when building commences, the site condition may not be the same due to obstructions, soil conditions, subsurface conditions and unanticipated structures.

These conditions can cause all kinds of irritating disputes, and are best resolved before they have the chance to exacerbate. Naturally, specialised legal representation are the experts in differing site conditions, and they can certainly help you resolve the disagreement in a manner favourable to your requirements!

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