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For it to be possible to launch a project with 0 euro , the project must require very little investment. So, if you imagine opening a ready-to-wear shop or a tattoo parlor without money, know that you will have to lower your ambitions!

On the other hand, if your activity can be carried company without money out directly at your home or if you have the necessary equipment to develop it, don’t wait any longer to get started! Graphic designer, developer, consultant, designer… today many activities can be carried out using a simple computer and an Internet connection.

Even if you set up your business without money, as your project develops and your clientele grows, you can reinvest your profits in the purchase of supplies (business cards, printer, etc.) and why not move into a coworking space!

Good to know  : before embarking on your business creation process, it is important to have an idea of ​​the different financing solutions available to you: a wide range is presented to you in the Guide to business financing .

Opening a business with 0 euro: what steps?

The business plan  is the essential tool for developing your project. It allows you to have a precise overview of the business model you will develop and how you will generate profits.

The objective is to ensure that your business project is profitable from its launch in order to tend towards self-financing capacity . Self-financing allows the company to find its financial balance thanks to its own capital.

Choose the right business status

If you are embarking on the adventure alone, choose the status of auto-entrepreneur . Otherwise, consider joining  !

1- Auto-entrepreneur status

Whether you want to launch your project in parallel with another activity (salaried employment, studies, etc.) or whether you want to make it your main activity, the status of auto-entrepreneur is particularly  interesting when it comes to setting up his box without money .

Indeed, the particularity of the auto-entrepreneur status is that it allows you to create a business without share capital, that is to say that you do not need to bring money to your business. . The other advantage is its low cost of creation: the registration of the activity in the RCS  is completely free .

2- The creation of a business for two

When it comes to setting up a business without money, creating a two-person business  is not the most appropriate solution. Indeed, to associate, it is necessary to create a company (SAS or SARL) which causes incorporation costs generally between 350 and 500 euros .

Go in search of funding

Banking establishments are generally very hesitant to the idea of ​​granting professional loans without prior input from project promoters. However, borrowing is not the only source of financing that exists! The search for funding allows you to discover new ways to financially develop your project.

The key to the success of your project does not lie in your financial investment but, indeed, in your personal investment . The more you are invested in your project, the better you will manage to convince new customers to follow you in the adventure!

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