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Training and support are essential to the success of any construction estimating software. In order to ensure that your team is able to use their tools effectively, it’s important that they have access to comprehensive training resources. These resources can be as simple as video tutorials or more complex as live training sessions.

In addition, it’s also important for your team members to know that there are people who are available if they need help or have questions about how something works in the software. You can provide this kind of support by having a dedicated customer service team on hand, ready at all times in case someone has an issue with the program or just needs clarification on how something works.

Comprehensive Training Programs

Training is an essential part and helps you develop new skills, improve productivity and boost morale. Our training programs are designed to give your team the tools they need to succeed in their roles. We offer both on-site and online training options so that you can choose the right fit for your needs:

  • On-site workshops provide hands-on learning in a classroom setting with one instructor or multiple instructors teaching different courses at once. This option is ideal if you have a large number of employees who need training or if there are specific topics that require additional attention from an expert instructor.

  • Online courses allow employees to learn at their own pace while being supported by our expert instructors via video tutorials, webinars and other resources available through our Learning Management System (LMS). This option works well for smaller teams or individuals who prefer self-paced learning over group instruction sessions but still want access to high-quality content curated by industry experts – people who excel at what they do because they’ve been recognised by peers as being among those who make significant contributions toward advancing knowledge within their field(s)

The Benefits of Empowering Your Team with Comprehensive Training and Support

Investing in comprehensive training and support resources for your team not only brings immediate benefits but also has a long-lasting impact on the overall success of your construction projects. Let’s look at the benefits of this training-

Improved Productivity and Efficiency

When your team is well-versed in using construction project estimating software, they are more likely to complete tasks efficiently and accurately. Comprehensive training programs ensure that your employees understand the estimating software’s features and can utilise them effectively. This leads to streamlined processes and an increase in the overall productivity of your team.

Reduced Errors and Rework

Mistakes can be costly in the construction industry. When your team is properly trained, they are less likely to make errors while using the construction project estimating software. This means fewer delays and a reduction in the need for rework, ultimately saving time and resources. 

Increased Confidence and Competence in Using Construction Software

Comprehensive training and support resources can significantly boost your team’s confidence in using construction project estimating software. When they know they have access to a wealth of information and support, they are more likely to explore advanced features and functionalities, improving their overall competence. This increased confidence can translate to a more proactive and self-sufficient team, as they will be more likely to troubleshoot issues themselves before seeking assistance.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication within the Team

Effective collaboration and communication are crucial for the success of any construction project. Comprehensive training programs help your team members understand the features of the construction project estimating software, allowing them to work together more effectively. When your team knows how to use the estimating software to its full potential, they can easily share information, provide updates, and collaborate on project estimates. This improved communication leads to better decision-making, a more cohesive team, and, ultimately, more successful projects.


By investing in comprehensive training and support resources for your team, you are not only improving their immediate capabilities but also setting the foundation for long-term success. A well-trained and supported team is more likely to adapt to new technologies and industry trends, resulting in a more agile and innovative organisation. Ultimately, the benefits of empowering your team with comprehensive training and support resources extend beyond the immediate project outcomes – they contribute to the overall growth and success of your organisation. So, wait no more and get your hands on the McCormick Systems comprehensive training and support resources today.

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