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Let’s explain: creating your business requires choosing your field of activity among thousands of possibilities… There are entrepreneurs in almost all sectors, construction, trade, crafts, consulting, accounting… but some sectors will be completely conducive to setting up a business without money, while others will simply require money to be invested.

To get straight to the point: all service activities, liberal professions relating to an intellectual activity can be exercised at home (therefore no professional rent to pay), and will only need a computer and an internet connection ( materials often already acquired) to get started. In short, for these activities, you can start your business without spending a penny!

How to start a business without money

On the other hand, if your business project requires a place to be exercised and receive the public (shop, restaurant, office…), then you will need an initial investment.

Consultants, coaches, graphic designers, translators, community managers… are therefore among these examples of activities that allow you to create your business without money. Good news: these professions are on the rise in an increasingly digitized society. You will have no trouble finding customers who need support in their digital communication or digital transformation.

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Create a business plan to define your business model

Everything happens at the business plan stage: defining your vision, that of your project and your ambition. What products or services will you sell, to which audiences, at what prices and via which distribution channels? The business plan will follow you throughout your business project.

Of course, the business plan is above all an opportunity to convince the partners who will finance you, primarily banks and investors.

But it has other advantages, it will allow you to really know where you are going (market and competitive research), and where you want to go (objectives and financial projections). Of course, it will serve to make your business project credible (in your eyes and those of any potential partner who will join you along the way.)

In addition, as your business develops, by increasing your turnover, by expanding your client portfolio, it will be time to reinvest your profits in your business and its growth. You can then inject money into communication media or more efficient equipment, call on service providers to grow your business, rent your office or space in a coworking…

Do you want to carry out your activity alone, as simply and quickly as possible and create your business without money? In this case, there is no doubt that the micro-enterprise scheme is for you!

Advantages ? 0€ spent, since the status of entrepreneur allows you to create your business without share capital. Added to this are extremely simple administrative formalities and rapid implementation.

If you create a company with several people, it will not be possible to do so without money, since you will have to opt for the creation of an SAS or SARL which requires costs ranging from 350 to 500€. However, being with several people makes it possible to share the costs.

Good news ! There are many aids for setting up a business and financing possibilities for a variety of situations: so many alternatives to bank loans (which generally require a personal initial contribution.)

There is a very good chance that financial assistance will match your current situation and allow you to secure the initial investment you need to start a business without money. The only difficulty will be to sort through the different aids to find the one that suits you! For this, we have created a guide to aid for business creation.

Among them, we can cite:

The aid put in place by the public authorities and which is requested by a majority of business creators: the ARE, ACRE, the ARCE… The ARE offers you to continue to receive your unemployment benefits (when you are applying for employment and receive the ARE) during your business start-up until your rights expire. ACRE exempts you from all social charges until the end of the 3rd quarter following the creation of your company. ARCE allows you to receive your unemployment benefits in the form of capital (ideal for an initial investment).

Competitions and scholarships for innovative startup-type projects

Crowdfunding (or participatory financing) is the other solution to find financing when you have no budget to start . Known thanks to the Ulule or Kickstarter platforms, crowdfunding consists of presenting your business project in an attractive way and soliciting donations from individuals who believe in your project. Not only will you raise money for this project, but you will communicate about this project, create virality that will boost its notoriety!

Finally, and you have probably thought about it before us, you can collect funds from those around you, this is called “love money”! The benefits you may not know are: by investing in your business, your loved ones can benefit from tax exemptions or reductions. You can receive donations of up to €31,865 yourself without having to pay any fees.

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