fully online bank account

Costs reduced to a minimum

If you have several bank accounts, you know that the fees applied by agencies are often numerous, opaque and end up costing you dearly. Online services play the card of transparency, you know exactly what costs you will have to pay. In addition, most of the time, you benefit from much more attractive rates than in traditional banks, since the majority of paid options are usually now free.

A modern and practical interface

If you have used your bank’s online service, you know how complicated and unwieldy user interfaces are. Dedicated online services, on the other hand, offer simple interfaces that are easy to understand and very effective: you immediately find what you are looking for. Despite the efforts of traditional banks, online-only services have a head start. In addition, you have the possibility of categorizing each expense and of making your accounts in real time, directly from the application or the dedicated website.

What are the benefits of a fully online bank account?

Thanks to the use of the Internet, you no longer have to go and queue at the counter to ask a simple question. Similarly, no need to make an appointment to request a new payment card or an overdraft authorization. All you have to do is make the request by phone, email or even live chat with a bank advisor. The time slots are also much wider than those of a traditional bank, and you will no longer have to take a day off to be able to chat with your banker. You also have the possibility of managing the majority of your needs yourself: if you wish to subscribe to a new bank account , a savings product or if you wish to issue stock market orders, you can do so without an intermediary.

New advantages

Many online banking services offer advantages intended to make your life easier, or simply to stand out: online check registration, account management tools, ordering foreign currency for your travels, etc. In addition, many services also offer a welcome bonus, offered at the opening of the account, which you can use for example to pay for your driving license . Others offer a cashback offer via partner shops, and sometimes even a system of sponsoring your loved ones to benefit from gifts.

In conclusion, online banks have many advantages, and allow you to regain control over the management of your money, why not try them?

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